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Want to know about the best survey site that pays cash?  Then look no further.  There is one survey site that I love.  It is interesting, it is fun and it pays well.  In fact this finding a survey site that pays cash can be tricky.  I am therefore recommending Prolific Academic.


Why I love Prolific Academic

Prolific Academic is a survey site that is slightly different to other survey sites.  The first difference is that it is mainly used by researchers from universities such as Harvard, Oxford and many others.  Therefore the content of the surveys is really interesting and you get to participate in live research studies.

Another reason why I love Prolific Academic is because it only takes a short amount of time to complete the surveys.  Even the longer ones takes less time than they suggest.


Prolific Academic is also different because once you answer the pre-screening questions at the beginning of registration, you won’t then be screened out.  You will only be offered surveys that are a perfect fit for you.  This is a fantastic component.  The reason being is that some survey sites get you to complete yet more screening questions and even then you may be told you don’t fit the criteria.  Not with Prolific Academic.


I love Prolific Academic because, in my opinion, it is the best survey site that pays cash.  I prefer cash than vouchers or points as it allows me to buy what I want.



best survey site that pays cash

How Much I Earned

It really does depend on how many surveys you complete and how quick you are at accepting them.  A downside to Prolific Academic is that you don’t get reminders that often, it is up to you to go to the site on a regular basis.  This means you may miss out on some surveys.  Having said that in the last 6 months I have earned over £188 in total. I believe this is a good amount for doing a few surveys and not on a regular basis.  I am sure if I decided to look at the site several times a day that would surely increase.

In terms of payment, there is a £5 threshold but if you keep completing surveys that will go past that in no time.  I have to also mention there is a fee for Paypal transfers so you need to take that in to account when you are cashing out.



best survey site that pays cash

How to get started with the Best Survey Site that Pays Cash

I really recommend you signing up for Prolific Academic now.  As already mentioned I have no doubt you will find the surveys interesting and informative.  You also won’t be screened out of surveys once you complete the registration questions.  You can also fill out other prescreening questions too.  This allows you to become eligible for other surveys coming on.

I have to say it really is the best survey site that pays cash that I have come across.  The cashing out process is super quick and if you know other people you can get a referral bonus too for signing them up.  This amounts to about 10% of their first cash out amount.


Why not register here for one of the best survey sites that pays cash and have a go?  Just remember you will need to check the site on a regular basis as they don’t email when new surveys are waiting.




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