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Having friends round is fun.  It’s especially fun when the sun is shining.  While it’s great entertaining friends it can also be expensive.  This post is about ways to entertain friends without breaking the bank.  Whether you don’t have money to spend or you want to save up, this post will help you entertain friends without breaking the bank.

After all we can all run into money issues at some point in our lifetime. Sometimes it’s especially hard because all you want to do is hang out with friends and spend the money you don’t have right now. And, sometimes friends just don’t seem to understand what it is that you’re going through.


entertain friends without breaking the bank


So if you’re having trouble convincing your friends to do things on the cheap side, be upfront with them. Ensure that if you don’t want them to pay for you that you are straightforward about this. Offer up some alternative solutions which are more cost effective for you. Listed below are seven ways to entertain your friends without breaking the bank.


1. Host a spa day. Give each other manicures. Do each other’s hair. You can also try some face masks and exfoliate your skin. This activity is very inexpensive as long as you already have nail polish and hair products.


2. Binge watch TV shows on Netflix. There are thousands of different TV shows on Netflix. You can all decide on a TV series and watch as many episodes as time allows together. All you’ll need for this is Netflix and maybe some popcorn.


3. Go to the park. There’s so many fun things that can be done at a park. You can have a picnic, play on the playground, or just watch the people as they all pass by with their busy lives. You can play sports together in the park like baseball or basketball, or throw a Frisbee or football around or fly a kite. You can play friendly games or be competitive. Check for parks that are doing concerts, for something fun to do on an evening out with your friends.



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4. Play board games. Dust off those boxes of Monopoly and Scrabble from your closet. You can all hang out and play these games in small or big groups. You might even consider competing against each other.


5. Get the bikes out and go riding around the neighborhood. This provides you with a great chance at getting outside and getting some exercise together.


6. Go to the beach. Not all beaches require you to pay to get in. So grab those bathing suits, the sunscreen, and the flip flops. You can simply go swimming, lay out and get a tan, or play in the sand and build sandcastles.


7. Hike. Go on a walk through the woods, parks, and nearby towns. Ensure that you have the proper walking wear because if not, you’ll be complaining not even halfway through the walk.


Friends are an important part of our lives.  Making time for them is something we all love and want to do.  Remember thought that spending money isn’t something we have to always do to have a good time.  These 7 ways to entertain friends without breaking the bank is just a small list.  There are also free activities that take place in many towns and cities.  You just have to do a bit of research.


These activities are all fun and might be something you guys do more often, despite the availability of money or not. Your friends might even appreciate the extra cash they end up with at the end of the week because they weren’t spending it on movies and alcohol.



Need some ideas to entertain friends on a budget? These tips will help you have fun without breaking the bank.

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